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RV Care Network

The RV Care Network is an alliance of independent RV dealers across Canada dedicated to ensuring you an enjoyable and carefree RV experience.

RV Care dealers offer uniform service standards and honour each other’s warranties.  Each member must meet a rigorous set of standards, which includes operating a full-service maintenance and repair shop, maintaining a fully stocked parts department and employing certified service technicians.

As a customer of an RV Care dealer, you can expect the same care and attention while on the road, from any other RV Care dealer, regardless of where you purchased your RV.

The buying power provided by the RV Care Network translates into savings for you. RV Care dealers' customers save on financing, insurance, RV accessories and other RV related products and services.

As thousands of RV Care Network customers across Canada already know, when you purchase from a RV Care dealer you are a customer of not just one but an entire network of friendly, customer-focused RV dealerships across the country.



The RV Care Network was originally formed in 1999. Today the group includes 60 dealers across Canada, and is looking forward to adding more dealerships to serve you better.


Traveling RV Care Customer Service Policy

When travelling in the RV you purchased from and RV Care dealer you can look forward to receiving the same high quality of service from every RV Care dealer as you would from the dealership where you purchased your RV.
If you have a problem with your RV while traveling....

   1. Contact the RV Care dealer where you purchased your RV so they can help to confirm which RV Care dealer is closest to your current location; they can also contact that dealer to let them know to expect you. If you cannot contact your selling dealer, visit the RV Care web site, or refer to the RV Care brochure, to find the closest RV Care dealer to your current location.
   2. When you arrive at the RV Care dealer for service, present your RV Care Customer Card which will identify you as an RV Care Customer If you do not have your card the staff person will be able to contact the RV Care dealership where you purchased your RV to confirm you are an RV Care Customer.
   3. Before beginning any repairs, an estimate will be prepared and the selling RV Care dealer will be contacted to review the required work and confirm if the repair is under any kind of warranty.
   4. The servicing dealership will make every effort to schedule and complete your repair as quickly and efficiently as possible.
   5. The RV Care dealer will locate any specialty services that your vehicle may require if they're unable to complete everything that is necessary to get you back on the road quickly and safely.
   6. Should it be necessary, the RV Care dealer will be able to assist you in finding local accommodations and transportation.
The number one priority of the entire RV Care Network of dealers is to treat traveling RV Care customers as one of their own, getting you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.
This special RV Care service is for urgent serious technical problems while you are traveling in the RV you purchased from and RV Care dealer. It is not intended for non-essential repairs and it is not a replacement of the selling dealer's regular service and warranty obligations.


Close to Home:

The RV Care service commitment for traveling RV Care customers does not apply when visiting an RV Care dealership close to your home if you purchased your RV from another RV Care dealer. In these situations you are encouraged to visit the local RV Care dealership to establish a relationship for ongoing service and maintenance of your RV. It is best to do this at a time when you have no pressing deadlines or travel schedules that involve your RV.
If your RV is under a manufacturer's warranty it will be important to confirm, in advance, if your local dealer will be able to provide the necessary warranty service or if you'll need to make special arrangements with the dealer where you purchased the RV to access warranty support close to home.

RV Care Code of Ethics

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